Moving Outwards Incrementally: Nuala Clarke & Shona Macdonald  exhibition

Moving Outwards Incrementally: Nuala Clarke & Shona Macdonald

10th September – 29th October

Official Opening by artist and musician Breda Mayock, on Saturday 10th September at 3pm 


 "I live my life in widening circles/that reach out across the world.”

 - Rainer Maria Rilke.

“In the work of Nuala Clarke (Ireland) and Shona Macdonald (Scotland/USA), there are cycles of coming and going, ebbs and tides. We are together in our coming and going between these northern Isles and the great mass of America. 

"Living in or out of rhythm with the leaving and returning; The age we are and the age we live in. We are brought together by a mutual understanding of these tides, and the passage of time.  We listen and respond to the ground beneath and the sky above, to  water, the sound and silences of rain. 

"All this here is as a pebble dropped in a puddle, ripples moving outwards incrementally…”


Runs until 29th October. Admission free.