Dolly & Mick  theatre finished

Dolly & Mick

Written by Seamus Moran

Friday 21st October, 8pm.

The play features live songs with a funny, engaging story and a poignant denouement.

Dolly and Mick are in their Berlingo van, returning home from a gig, as a Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers tribute act. Mick (50’s) is an unemployed fitter and a widower from Clare and Dolly (50’s) is a ‘retired’ singer and two-time divorcee from Arkansas. They have been in a relationship for several years, but they are having difficulties. As Mick drives, Dolly takes us into her confidence, recounting her story, her version of how they met and what she thinks their problems are. When she is dozing, Mick gives us his version of events.

In truth, Mick has become obsessed with the tribute act which has given him real purpose again, and, although he did not intend it, it has become more important to him than Dolly. She, on the other hand, has been through all this before. She knows that the whiff of success will eventually fade and become the stench of failure and disillusion.

As they tell us their stories, each assists the other to re-enact key events and incidents, playing other relevant characters and frequently interrupting or contradicting each other’s recounting of events. These interruptions and contradictions become more heated and contentious, underlining the difficulties in the relationship. They sing several songs live, which echo the love, hope, passion, disillusion, and despair that colours their story. They both know the relationship is in trouble, but their responses are contrasting. Mick thinks they need a break, a holiday, in the sun, maybe even one of those country music cruises - or maybe not - a month away together. Dolly knows that the only way to save their relationship is to give up the act.

As they drive in their van on this fateful night, Dolly finally bites the bullet and breaks her unexpected news that shocks Mick and threatens to alter the course of their future together.

Tickets: €18 / €16. Early booking advised.