On the Road to De-Mask-Us  theatre

It’s March 2020 and talk of a Covid lockdown is in the air in Ballinabuck, a rural town in Co Mayo. As the months go by, flatmates Emily and Mary Lou at No 7 and Mick and Kathleen at No 22, do their best to stay safe and stay apart with varying degrees of success!

Whilst Kathleen is delighted to have her darling son Liam home due to Covid, news of her daughter Jessica’s arrival from Italy (of all places) has her worried about what the neighbours might say. JP, a neighbour, grapples with the wounds inflicted by an older Ireland, while Jessica and Emily turn towards the new.

Tensions rise as Susan, who believes rules are for other people, decides to visit her daughter Emily.

Despite the stress of being locked down, life goes on and the age-old search for love and romance continues, not to mention the ever-elusive Sam Maguire Cup!

On the Road to De-Mask-Us is Fiona Hoban’s first solo production. Fiona, who is a member of Kilmeena Drama Group, wrote the play during the lockdown in March 2020.

Tickets: €16 / €14 

Early booking advised.