Essence of Woman: Marie Padden  exhibition finished

Official Opening: Saturday 12th March, 3pm

During the Covid period, Mayo-based artist Marie Padden became a grandparent for the first time, and found that the reduced pace of life gave her an opportunity to observe and examine the world around her, in a way she hadn’t before.

She describes it: “A time to see things as they really are. This female form and the realization of the strength of women can be seen with more than just the eye. Who is she? She's the earth's mother, the glue in families, the doer of things, the keeper of the book. She is the ship that sails in rough seas and safely docks at port with only the use of her internal compass.

“Each woman is intrinsically wrapped with layers and layers of qualities which make up her fundamental nature and true essence. The viewer is transfixed when looking through the window of new motherhood as they are left with no doubt of the strength and essence of woman. 

“The journey of new motherhood can be both a sense of happiness and isolation all wrapped up in one. Some would say a woman's place is in the home, and a woman would say her place is wherever she wants it to be.”

Marie Padden is a Mayo-based artist. Working in oil, acrylic, mixed media and sculpture, and completed a Fine Art degree in GMIT. 

Runs until 30th April. Admission: free