In suspension: 1iing heaney  exhibition finished

Official Opening: Thursday 10th March, 8pm

in suspension is an exhibition exploring emerging digital technologies and their capacity to ‘preserve’ through digitisation. Using sculpture and print, organic materials captured using photogrammetry are presented at the moment of transformation from organic growth into digital stasis.

In capturing the precise moment through this process, flowers, trees, and seeds are removed from their natural progression of growth and decay. This exhibition considers a future of nature and wildness influenced by digital technologies.

1iing heaney is a visual artist from Bray, Co. Wicklow. She uses CGI film and print to explore interactions between technology and geological time. She graduated from NCAD with first class honours in Fine Art Media & Visual Culture in 2015.

'in suspension' is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland. 

Runs until 30th April. Admission: free