Tom Meskell: Moy Dreaming - Lantern-Making Workshop  workshop

Saturday 11th, 18th and 25th June


In this series of workshops for children (aged 10 – 12 years old) i Tom will create a host of lantern creatures and forms inspired by the river Moy and the dreams the Moy has when it sleeps!

Using only wire, tissue, glue and tape the young artists will be guided in the basics of lantern-making which will result in an installation of lantern sculptures. The workshops will be guided and facilitated by Tom but the creatures will be decided by the participants, creating a truly participant-led installation.

These workshops will give the participants a chance to be part of a larger project but to still have their own individual voice. The scale will be larger than they are used to, and will show them what they are capable of creating.

All materials will be provided.

Tickets: €60. Advance booking is essential for all workshops.