Chromatic Encounters: Catherina Hearne   exhibition finished

Chromatic Encounters: Catherina Hearne 

9th July - 27th August 2022

Catherina Hearne’s practice involves an interplay between procedure, process and chance; intuition plays a large part but is informed by research and experience. The imagery draws on a very wide range of references – exotic, fantastical and strange; from Milanese pastries, Japanese tree supports to Victorian follies and birdhouses these paintings reflect her eclectic taste for all things visual. 

This body of work continues her use of colour, form and image as means to convey an inner world of thought and spirituality. The paintings reference the physical – landscape, buildings, skies but are fictitious constructs suggesting and inferring a positive state or place of ‘being’ rather than recreating or describing any actual location.

“I want my paintings to have a jewel like quality, lavish and sumptuous and this most recent body of work utilises colour, medium and surface to achieve this but they also extend my exploration into the physical, the construct; sometimes by breaking away from the rectangle, introducing layers and constructions off the picture plane. 

"A number of the works project a more physical presence as objects, the use of wax, pigment and wood make a statement that is both structural and fragile, it is my intent that they evoke sensation as much as invite observation. In my case the process of making is absorbing, contemplative and, due to the nature of the materials used, time consuming, it is this that excites me. 

"The tableaux presented in these paintings invite the viewer to become immersed and to contemplate the scenes depicted, by so doing the processes of making and viewing converge and the experience of maker and viewer merge, complementing and enriching a shared journey of discovery.” 

- Catherina Hearne

Runs until 27th August. Admission: free. All Welcome.