Oct 2021

Ballina Film Club: New York Our Time  film finished

(Director: Viviene Dick,2020, Ireland, 79mins)

When Irish film artist Vivienne Dick arrived in New York’s run-down Lower East side in the late 1970s, she was deeply inspired by the vibrant community of avant-garde musicians, makers and artists who lived there.

In this, her much anticipated first feature film, Dick revisits old haunts and reconnects with a number of friends (among them Cynthia Sley, Nan Goldin and Lydia Lunch), many of whom still manage to work as artists in the city, despite sky-high rents and gentrification.

Dick’s own previously-unseen Super 8 captures the gritty, post-punk era while the intimate present-day sequences (filmed by her friend, cinematographer Declan Quinn) celebrate the importance of friendship, particularly women’s friendship, community and memory.

Ticket available from Ballina Fringe Festival website (www.ballinafringefestival.ie)

Booking link: http://ballinafringefestival.ie/events/film-new-york-our-time/