Mar 2020

GLOW FOR IT - The Ultimate, Sensory UV Art Session!  workshop finished

Working together, we’ll be turning one of our art room walls into a large CORAL REEF! 
Using psychedelic, fluorescent paint and markers we’ll create a Magical Underwater Scene complete with Tropical Fish, Coral, Sharks, Octopuses and Divers. The Finished ‘Mural’ will look great under normal light BUT when we kill the lights, crank up the music and switch on the black lights....Our creation springs to life! 

This Fun Workshop aims to inspire and make Art accessible to ALL Participants and to assist with creativity, we supply stencils, templates and reference images so ALL artistic abilities are catered for.
This is a Three hour Workshop suitable for 8-12 year olds @ €15 per child

Facilitator: Jim Mulroy