Force of Habit by Jim Mulroy  exhibition finished

Jim’s background in Graffiti Art inspires him to paint many of his abstract pieces using the same strong colours, flourishes and techniques that you might see in a graffiti mural.

He creates art as it makes him feel happy and finds it good for his 'headspace', thus his work expresses and celebrates the positive vibe and energy that strong, bright colours bring. As there’s so much darkness and despair in the world at the moment, Jim creates vibrant paintings that aim to give people ‘a lift’ when they view them! He uses a mix of spray paint, acrylic paint, household emulsion, paint pens and permanent markers and mainly paints with the seven ‘rainbow colours’ of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Using these base colours and strong black outlines makes his work ‘pop’ and also gives much of it a stained glass effect. Jim’s work is painted on up-cycled canvases, bits of wood and 12” vinyl records that have been donated by family and friends or purchased from second hand and charity shops. Runs until 29th February. Admission is FREE and ALL are Welcome!