Sep 2019

Damnatio Memoriae  exhibition finished

Artist Conor O’ Grady was born on Ireland’s west coast and lives in County Donegal. He studied at the National College of Art and Design and DIT, and his work has been shown in public and private exhibitions throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and Australia. Previous exhibitions in Mayo include Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Outside.

Conor’s latest installation features a collection of sculptures, moving imagery and drawings which examine the culture and visual languages of particular violent, criminal, marginal or sectional sub-groups within Irish society.
Damnatio Memoriae refers to the ancient Roman practice in which a person is punished by being erased from history. Every group represented within this installation is both condemned by and invisible to modern Irish society.

The work includes a series of diagrammatical and info-graphic drawings which portray the links and interconnected nature of all the men murdered as a result of their relationship to serious, organised criminality in Dublin City.

Runs until Saturday 26th October. Admission: Free. All welcome.