Power of Faith: Ivette Ebaen  exhibition finished

Official Opening: Friday 3rd May, 8pm

Power of Faith is a series of 21 layered photographs by artist Ivette Ebaen.

Ivette describing her practise: “I write my stories with images not with words. Each composition composed of several layers of photographs merged to fit like a jigsaw puzzle whose story develops before your eyes. As a visual storyteller I know what the image means to me and why it manifested.

“How you interpret what you see depends on what you bring to it and how you feel in the moment. I was listening to composer Johann Johannsson’s musical ensemble, Orphée, when images of humanity’s capacity to persevere - no matter the consequence - came to mind. These imaginings moved me to create this series of digital photomontages entitled, Power of Faith”.

Runs until 29th June. Free admission, all welcome.