By Hand: Laura Jean Zito  exhibition

By Hand: Laura Jean Zito.  Official Opening: Friday 5th July, 8pm
Having been once encouraged by the great John B Keane to “photograph the farmers, they’re a dyin’ breed,” Laura Jean Zito did just that and that became the inception of this particular series.  These nostalgic images show the seeds within of present day ‘turmoils’: plastics in the environment, gun control, fascism, injustice, fraud, harassment, homelessness, migration, energy, religion, Brexit, generation gap, education, resources, water.
Hi-Tech filters are replacing the personal touch, affecting our relationships to everything. We’ve gained velocity, but lost veracity. Out with the ‘Town Crier’, and in with ‘Fake News.’Art is done by mind and by hand. Robots spit out products that rival each other for ‘perfection’, but the value of hand-made objects is in their ‘imperfection’, just like humans. Runs until 31 st August. Free admission, all welcome.