Two Days, One Night  film finished

Two Days, One Night

(Dirs: Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne / Belgiuim, France, Italy / 2014 / 95 minutes)

First Fortnight in partnership with IFI National, Embassy of France in Ireland and Embassy of Belgium in Ireland present Two Days, One Night. Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard gives a rousing performance in this profoundly affecting film.

Sandra returns to work after suffering from depression, only to find out that her colleagues have chosen to take a yearly bonus at the expense of her job. She has just one weekend to convince them to change their minds in order to regain her position. What follows is arguably the Dardenne brothers' greatest cinematic achievement to date.

First Fortnight is a charity that challenges mental health prejudice through art and cultural action. This film screening is part of the annual First Fortnight Festival.

Tickets: €5. Early booking advised.