Ven_ture  music finished


Friday 15th February, 8pm

Ven_ture is a traditional music trio - Anne Brennan (vocals); Joseph McNulty (violin); and David Munnelly (accordion) – which came about by way of a conversation about working on some new arrangements and ideas for the voice and simple and unconventional accompaniment.

The trio loves the process of planning new arrangements for old music and even composing new melodies keeping in mind the unique bare sound produced by accordion and fiddle but playing non-conventionally and creating new sounds in the process. Also to accompany songs with the non-conventional instruments you associate with song arrangement

Belmullet native David Munnelly grew up playing traditional music. He plays Irish dance tunes with flair and a level of mastery you’d expect from someone as talented and dedicated to the music as he is.

Tickets: €15 / €12. Early booking advised.