Charlie's A Clepto  theatre finished

Charlie's A Clepto

Written and Performed by Clare Monnelly

Charlie is a kleptomaniac - the doctor told her. Reckons it stems from childhood trauma. But she has the robbin’ completely under control these days. For real. 

She has a bit of a mouth on her, but she’s only trying to be funny, give everyone a laugh, not cause trouble, like. Not today, of all days. She loves that little boy more than she ever thought it was possible to love another human. There’s a lot riding on these 24 hours, and if she keeps her head down, she’ll get him back.

Everyone has a story to tell... but... there’s a time and a place. This is neither. Follow Charlie, the queen of self-sabotage as she tries desperately - for once in her life – to keep her mouth shut long enough to make it count.

A fast-paced and funny play about motherhood, messing up, and doing your best to make it up. 

Written and performed by Clare Monnelly. Directed by Aaron Monaghan

Tickets: €16 / €14. Early booking advised.