May 2018

Spiritual Landscapes: Marian McHale  exhibition finished

Official Opening: Thursday 3rd May, 8pm

Reminiscences, recognition and rediscovery form the basis for Marian McHale’s exploration of her local landscape and the rugged bogland near Turlough, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Striving to maintain the recognisable essence of the environment, by using personal concentration of composition, form, light and colour, the objective of her artistic endeavour is to expose Turlough landscapes through abstract depictions revealing their multiplicity of colour, shade and the light.

Marian describes the essence of the finished works as “the synthesis of seasonal floral forms and shapes, which flourish and dissipate in the creation of the paintings. The fusion of form and content may deter precise description or interpretation, as the battered surfaces of these paintings suggest the relentless making and unmasking of images, when they emerge as an apparition”. 

Runs until Saturday 30th June. Admission free, All welcome.