All for Me Grog: Dubliners Tribute  music

All for Me Grog
Dubliners Tribute
Friday 9th February, 8pm

All For Me Grog brings you the song and story of Ireland's most successful folk band, The Dubliners. Presented by The Liberties who in replicating the original line-up of Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna, Garan Burke and John Sheahan with the exact same instrumentation bring to the stage a show of uncanny similarity to The Dubliners, the original and wonderful voice of Ronnie Drew is brought to life by Wayne Wilder who is probably the best Ronnie Drew tribute in the world. With his red hair and beard, banjo maestro James Gallagher’s powerful voice is so close to that of Luke Kelly's it has to be a fluke of nature. The Black Velvet Band, Follow Me Up To Carlow, The Irish Rover, The Spanish Lady, McAlpines Fusileers, Seven Drunken Nights etc will have you clapping your hands and stomping your feet at this uplifting two hour show of ballads and craic.

Tickets: €15 / €12. Early booking advised.