Feb 2017

Dance double-bill: Fancy Dress / Remote  dance finished

Dance double-bill: Fancy Dress / Remote

Croí Glán Integrated Dance Company

Tuesday 21st February, 8pm

To mark their 10th anniversary, Croí Glan have invited their two favourite, most performed choreographers David Bolger (On the Wall 2009) + Jess Curtis (Asymmetrical Tendencies 2007) to create a new double bill: Fancy Dress, a new trio by David Bolger (with Jack Webb, Mike Daley and Tara Brandel) and Remote, a new duet by Jess Curtis (with Linda Fearon and Tara Brandel).


Fancy Dress What is a fancy dress? Is it something we wear at parties? Something we adorn to disguise our true selves. A walking stick becomes a magic wand. It makes us dance. Dance as if no one is watching. In this short and snappy trio invite you for some funky moves, a kicking soundtrack and a few fancy dress tips. 

Remote Mobilised or frozen… alone at home in front of our screens do we transcend or are we trapped in our bodies? Using a remote process with electronic media and social networking, Jess Curtis applies his familiar post-modern choreographic style influenced by a Berlin/San Francisco aesthetic to create this duet that investigates the ups and downs of our bodies within our evolving digital culture. Does digital and social media enhance our democratic mobility or enforce immobilisation?

Tickets: €12/€10