Oct 2016

Gis a Shot of Your Bongos Mister  theatre finished

Written and performed by Brian Fleming

Brian Fleming brings the first of his celebrated trilogy of one-man shows to Ballina Arts Centre.Three friends, two continents, fifteen mad years; a Dubliner loses himself in Dakar and brings his Senegalese teachers to a very white 1990s Dublin.

A musical storytelling from Dublin’s inner city flats to the suburbs of Senegal, experience the world through a drummer’s ears. Selected as one of only 5 from over 300 Fringe shows to play at Turnaround Festival

@ Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

Projection, costume, spoken word, bad dance, bad striptease, live and recorded music all combine to bring true stories to life. The audience leave, not only entertained and better informed, but with a sense that there is a story waiting be told about their own lives. Tickets: €12 / €10.