Mar 2016

Manchan Magan’s Gaeilge Tamogotchi  workshop finished

Gaeilge Tamagotchi is a project where writer and Irish language activist Manchan Magan presents a seldom-used Irish word or phrase to participants for their own unique usage and exploration.  Manchan says that there are 30,000 words in Shakespeare’s works; that most people use approximately 12,000 words in their lifetimes; and that there are an incredible 4,400 Irish words to describe a person in the Irish language.  This shows how wonderfully rich is of our native language and from this viewpoint Gaeilge Tamagotchi offers a fun tool as a creative and hopeful step towards revival.

Presented as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge, the events starts with a bi-lingual talk by Manchan who will then present participants with their own Gaeilge Tamagotchi word.  This is done by walking in the Celtic spiral form through a raw linen spiral commissioned by Magan for the project.  Then there is a forum for creativity in order to bring it home with you in a physical form, to remind you of your covenant to keep it alive. 

Admission: Free