Dec 2016

Maria Maria Maria  dance finished

Maria Maria Maria

Oona Doherty/ Emma Fitzgerald/ Maria Nilsson Waller

Three powerful and compact solo choreographies, by three of the most talented women working on the Irish stage today. Outstanding for their range, emotional force and dark humour, and for the bold skill and power of their performances, Oona Doherty, Emma Fitzgerald and Maria Nilsson Waller unfold a startlingly brilliant series of portraits of the young, the current, the lost, the disconnected and unhinged of contemporary Ireland.

An attempt to raise the forgotten, disadvantaged stereotype into a Caravaggio bright white limbo, Lazarus and the Birds of Paradise is Oona Doherty’s distillation of Northern male youth and the fire of boredom. In Maria Nilsson Waller’s striking-looking, other-worldly and post-traumatic PRIME, we meet a woman re-building herself and her universe – a journey from black and white to life in colour. Inspired by the seasons, Emma Fitzgerald references the living, dying impermanence of all that surrounds us and of which our existence is part, in REST

Produced by Firkin Crane, in partnership with Dance Limerick