Mar 2014

Conal Gallen: A Bit On The Side  theatre finished

A Bit On The Side

Conal Gallen starring in his very own comedy play!

Yes, Conal takes his  hilarious humour to a whole new level in this side-splitting 2 Act comedy farce! Written by Conal and his son Rory, the action takes place in the household of Bridie and Willie Murphy, a couple who have fought the war of marriage, for over 30 years! 

It is a love story unlike any other! Wandering eyes, wandering feet, wandering hands.....It's all here! Scenes of nudity have been carefully left out in this saga of sex, drugs and deception! (There weren't any in the first place, says Conal!) Join Bridie,Willie,Dick and Cynthia... Yes, Cynthia!!!!! As this tale of passion and intrigue unfolds! 

A play that was 16 years and 6 weeks  in production. 16 years thinking about it and 6 weeks writing!

Early booking is very strongly advised!

Tickets: €25. Booking essential