Sep 2013

Culture Night 2013  workshop finished

Culture Night 2013 @ Ballina Arts Centre Friday 20th September, 6.30-10pm


Ballina Arts Centre has participated in Culture Night since it became a nationwide event. Each year the event gets bigger and better, with more and more people willing to come out and take a walk on the cultural side. 


This year we are providing opportunities to get involved in some entertaining and educational workshops, see a short performance, and watch a short film, or just drop in, observe or find themselves performing on the stage in front of a live audience!





Culture Night @ Ballina Arts Centre: Shortscreen Cinema

A number of short films will be shown from 6.30-7.30pm on Culture Night. Viewers can drop and out of the ‘cinema’, enjoying the films, many of which were made through the Filmbase Shorts scheme.


Culture Night @ Ballina Arts Centre: The Mayo Collaborative presents Niamh O’Malley: Works 2008 to 2013

As part of Culture Night 2013, Ballina Arts Centre will be extending the opening hours of the gallery. Niamh O’Malley’s exhibition will be on display until the gallery closes at 10pm.


For the first time the five main visual arts venues in Mayo (Ballina Arts Centre, the Linenhall Arts Cetre, the Custom House Studios & Gallery, Aras Inis Gluaire and the Ballinglen Arts Foundation) have combined their resources and facilities to present the exciting video and sculptural work of Niamh O’Malley. This collaboration offers not only the opportunity to experience the art of one of the most thoughtful artists working in Ireland today but to do so on a day’s safari through some of the most scenic and hospitable areas of the country.

 Niamh O’Malley creates single channel videos full of depth and penetration. Her images are engaging and direct. Whether an island or quarry, a bridge or a flag, her videos confine our attention to the image, demanding of us a response to the timelessness of nature and the transitory quality of the manmade. Played in black and white, gently paced and without sound, O’Malley’s videos create a shared space between viewed and viewer. Their quiet attentiveness to this relationship reveals to us the sophisticated dynamics of perception.



Culture Night @ Ballina Arts Centre: Dance Workshops

Ballina Arts Centre’s superb dance studio will be used to facilitate a number of dance workshops throughout the evening including hip-hop and ballet workshops. These workshops are intended to be fun and are open to all ages. 7pm-9pm.


Culture Night @ Ballina Arts Centre: Children’s Drawing Workshops

Throughout Culture Night, Ballina Arts Centre will be offering free children’s art workshops. Led by experienced artists, the workshops will take as their inspiration the works from Niamh O’Malley’s exhibition, and aim to teach children the basics of drawing – in response to the works. 7pm-9pm.


Culture Night @ Ballina Arts Centre: Introduction to Printmaking Workshop

Because Ballina Arts Centre is home to the Ballina Printmaking Group, Culture Night gives an opportunity to see this side of Ballina Arts Centre artists’ resource facilities. Everybody is invited to try their hand at printmaking in our printmaking studio. Marianne Heemskerk will outline the principles of printmaking and give the opportunity to try out some of the methods. 7.30pm-9pm.


Culture Night @ Ballina Arts Centre: Local Bands Recorded Music Showcase

In what has become an annual feature of Culture Night, Ballina Arts Centre is once again showcasing the music of a number of young local bands, who are part of the Music Generation Mayo Youth Music Hub. Recorded music will be played in public areas throughout the building using the integrated sound system. Information sheets will provide the details. 6.30-10pm


Culture Night @ Ballina Arts Centre: Performance – ‘Spontaneous Improvised Theatre’

This year, Ballina Arts Centre will present an evening of improvised spontaneous theatre pieces. The pieces can include music, dance, mime, stand-up comedy... anything (within the boundaries of good taste!).

Anybody who wishes to participate can book themselves in on the night, this could be the first step on the way to fame and fortune!


Culture Night @ Ballina Arts Centre: Photographic Self-Portrait Digital Exhibition

This Culture Night, Ballina Arts Centre is giving everybody who visits a chance to participate in an online Photographic Self-Portrait exhibition. We will be asking people to take photos of themselves (or ‘Selfies’ as they are known). We will then upload the photos onto the Ballina Arts Centre Facebook page, creating an online exhibition of the self-portraits. We will be encouraging imaginative approaches and the ‘best’ pics will win exciting prizes.



All Culture Night events at Ballina Arts Centre are free of charge and open to all.